Hi! I'm Amy. I started Estella Grace in 2013. I'm a homemaker at heart. I'm passionate about cooking, interior design, and making handmade products. In my free time I love to make candles, but most days you can find me on construction sites covered in sawdust with contractors who have become my friends. There's always room for friends here!

Estella means 'Star' - She is the Star of Grace. At least that's how I pictured her. A classic 1940's housewife who vacuums the house in heels. She is the brand empowering women and teaching us about our homemaking roots.



Amy Passantino


Vintage Orange Dress

When I came up with the vision for this brand I had no idea that I would be transformed into this fictional character learning how to make my own soaps, candles, and vintage inspired dresses.
— Amy Passantino