Design Consultation

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Design Consultation


Set up your design consultation today! Get the expertise of a professional designer before you start your project. This is your chance to go over budget, timelines, and your design style.

This design consultation is for 1 hour and is ideal for those with small home projects that need a designer's eye or those larger jobs where you don't know where to begin. Once you reach your starting point, Estella Grace offers these additional services.

  • Interior Architecture
  • Space Planning
  • Design Concept
  • Lighting
  • Furniture Selection
  • Material Selection
  • Home Re-model's
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Home Staging
  • Shopping
  • Custom Pillows, Bedding & Draperies

As soon as your order is placed we will set up a time for your design consultation that is convenient for you!

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